SindarThe grey elves known as Sindar began the great journey into the West long ago, but lingered on the shores of Middle-Earth for love of its lands and loyalty to their lord and lady.

Though not touched by the holy light of the Two Trees, the Sindar are known for their loyalty and devotion, and than other elves they are known to be fair in voice and appearance, occasionally silver-haired, with a natural love of water and music. Having benefited from the care of Melian the Maia through long years of peace and plenty, the Sindar are skilled in arts of protection, illusion, and enchantment, as well as creating objects of great and lasting beauty.

More populous than the Noldor, the Sindar are frequently lords and nobles among the elves of Middle-earth, and their language is the most widespread elven tongue.

Recommended Skills Athletics, Crafts, Rapport
Example Aspects Everlasting Loyalty; Whisper to the Waters; Voice Both Fair and Fell; For Love of Peace; Piercing the Veil; Cloaked in Silver Shade
Example Stunts

Language and Names

Sindarin, the Grey-Tongue, is one of the most widespread and historically significant languages in Eriador. It is a language of trade, knowledge, and diplomacy, as well as poetry and song.

A short list of name examples is provided below (also see the note on Names):

Name Type Example Names
Sindarin Male
Sindarin Female

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