Great Forests of the East
Aspects Remnants of Civilization; Torn by Tribal Influences
Places Aldafell (capital)
Faces Sidrin (king)
Cultures Rhudaurim, Northmen
Factions Court of Aldafell, Tribal Warlords, Dhiban Aurdul

The easternmost of the remnant kingdoms of old Arnor is ruled by the descendants of hill-men who have adapted the civilized customs of the former Dunedain lords of Rhudaur. Its woods and jagged hills are populated by numerous tribes. Rhudaur’s only ally is Angmar to the north, though its current masters have old ties with the Dunlendings to the south.

Rhudaur benefits from having inherited the customs and infrastructure of its previous Dunedain lords, but nevertheless is on the brink of sliding in barbarism. The influence of Angmar has created an influx of dark magic and violence. The Rhudaurim living in cities struggle to balance the demands of tribal chieftains in the forests.

King Sidrin of Aldafell reigns over the forested lands between the Misty Mountains and the Weather Hills. Though not a cruel or incompetent ruler, most of his attention and efforts are focused on controlling feuding tribal chieftains and pleasing the emissaries of the Witch-King. His household goes to great lengths to imitate the Dunedain kings who used to live in these lands – noble demeanor disguising a corrupt and decadent court.


Founded in III 861 by the youngest son of Earendur, the last king of Arnor, Rhudaur enjoyed early success thanks to the prowess and ambition of its newly formed court. Lesser nobility and chieftains of other peoples flocked to Rhudaur hoping to earn status and wealth with the rise of a new power, and the young king of Rhudaur encouraged this.

Unfortunately, he and his short-lived line of descendants proved ill-equipped to handle the influx of so many diverse and demanding elements – the Dunedain in the eastern kingdom of Rhudaur died out and that kingdom has been taken over by lesser kings descended from chieftains of the Hill-men tribes. Though many of the customs and titles of the original Rhudaurim Dunedain remain, the current court is filled with infighting and hidden darkness.

Having suffered many setbacks against the rival kingdoms of Arthedain and Cardolan, the lords of Rhudaur quickly sought the favor of the rising power in the north, the Witch-King of Angmar. Rhudaur has had something of a resurgence in the last hundred years thanks to its growing bond with their northern neighbor, safe from the predations of Angmar’s fouler agents and enjoying much of the profit from successful raids and aggression against their neighbors.

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