NoldorThe proud High Elves of Middle-earth, the Noldor are accounted among the greatest craftsmen and keepers of lore, though there are very few left in Middle-earth. The Noldor are those who once dwelt in Aman and beheld the light of the Two Trees and the glory of the Valar, or descendants thereof, though they returned to Middle-earth and were great leaders and warriors in the First and Second Ages.

Though touched by powerful and holy magic, the Noldor carry the taint of exile, and for all their majesty they are responsible for some of the greatest sorrows and betrayals throughout history, driven by ambition and jealousy – perhaps most notably, the followers of the Sons of Feanor responsible for the Kinslayings, drawing down on their people the Doom of the Noldor. They were also at the forefront of the terrible battles of Beleriand in the First Age.

Recommended Skills Athletics, Lore, Will
Example Aspects Doom upon the Kinslayers; Thirst for Knowledge; Enchanter of Eregion; Captain of the Last High King; Pride of the Lords of the Firstborn; Light of the Ancient World
Example Stunts

Language and Names

The Noldor are the only people of Middle-earth who spoke a form of Quenya natively, rather than as a language of lore and ritual, having brought the tongue back over from Valinor long ago. They also usually know Sindarin to converse with the other elves and mortal races of Middle-earth. Noldor who deal with Men or other mortals may speak Westron. Being great lovers of words, they typically pick up new languages easily and eagerly.

Noldor frequently have several names in Quenya, in addition to at least one in Sindarin. For a full analysis of Noldor naming conventions, see Exilic Names. A short list of name examples is provided below (also see the note on Names):

Name Type Example Names
Quenya Male Aicandil, Angollo, Culonwe, Elmarato, Imarato, Ingarato, Ongion, Quenaro, Taronwe, Tembarto
Quenya Female Alarille, Almarien, Altanire, Eldanime, Eleninde, Indarime, Iterinde, Nendis, Tandis, Thelenwe
Exilic Sindarin Male Aengon, Celamron, Cerathon, Elreth, Giron, Malebor, Marinthir, Orandel, Pelagon, Sanestan
Exilic Sindarin Female Alwing, Ardel, Aridril, Celmith, Giniel, Irfin, Mithielas, Nelebriel, Neriel, Tineriel

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