The Secondborn,
Children of the Sun,
The Night-fearers

The youngest race of Arda, Men awoke at the first dawning of the Sun in a land called Hildorien far to the east. Mortal and less grand than the Eldar, limited lifespans have given Men have a curious spirit and urgent drive, though the desire for wealth, power, and comfort often sows the seeds of darkness in their hearts.


Men have spread across Middle-earth and formed numerous diverse cultures, often as different from each other as from Elves or Dwarves.

Culture Description
Dunedain The Men of the West are descended from the Faithful of Numenor, the Dunedain are long-lived and powerful, having fought alongside the Elves in great wars of ages past.
Northmen The Northmen of Eriador are nomads skilled at hunting, horsemanship and survival. They have lived in these lands longer than any other Mannish culture, and have little taste for the influence of either Elves or the dark powers.
Bree-landers Subjects of Arthedain who inhabit the thriving villages of Bree-land.
Dunlendings The barbaric Hill-men who dwell in the eastern reaches of Eriador.
Rhudaurim Settled tribes of Hill-men who would challenge the Dunedain by allying themselves with Angmar.
Druedain Enigmatic and elusive Wild Men of the Woods, who avoid the affairs of the wider world.
Angmarim Descended from Easterlings of the First Age, the Angmarim were long-isolated in the far north until the WItch-king siezed power over them.


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