Land of the Singers
Aspects Fair and Free Harbours; Long Dwindling
Places Mithlond (capital), Harlond, Forlond, Elostirion, Himling (ruin)
Faces Cirdan (ruling lord)
Cultures Noldor, Sindar, Nandor
Factions Beriadhrim, Friends of Arnor, Western Isles

Sometimes referred to as the Grey Havens, Lindon is the elven realm ruled by Cirdan the Shipwright. On the shores of the Great Sea it is the westernmost realm in Middle-earth, and from its ports the ships of the elves depart westward to Valinor.

For much of its history Lindon was the pre-eminent power in Middle-earth, and its lands have been continually held by the elves since the First Age. Its quiet halls and lands are filled with great works of the wisest craftsmen and most skilled artisans from throughout history – both High Elves of olden times and the gifted Men of lost Westernesse – and even in its slow fading there is ancient power both terrible and wondrous in Lindon.

Lindon is inhabited only by elves, though many kindreds call it home. However, it is an ancient ally of the Dunedain kingdoms. Its lord, Cirdan the Shipwright, is also a close friend and ally of Elrond of Imladris.


Though the Green-elves of Ossiriand had lived in this region since the First Age, Lindon as it is today was created in the aftermath of the destruction of Beleriand and the War of Wrath. Noldor and Sindar survivors of the calamity took refuge in these lands newly at the shores of the sea. For long ages it was ruled by Ereinion Gil-Galad, High King of the Noldor, lord of Eriador and the elves of Middle-earth.

During the Second Age, Lindon was a vast and fair realm. Its lords cast out Sauron in his fair form as Annatar, and when he destroyed Eregion and turned to attack Lindon, he was repulsed with the aid of the Men of Numenor. Eventually Gil-Galad was slain in battle with Sauron during the War of the Last Alliance at the end of the Second Age, leaving behind neither wife nor children. Lordship passed to Cirdan the Shipwright, an ancient and wise prince of the Teleri.

Lindon in the Third Age has been a quiet land, its population much reduced by war and further by the departure of many elves into the West. Though a friend of Arnor and of Arthedain after it, Cirdan is more concerned with providing ships and safety to his people than with the wider events of Middle-earth.

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