Hidden Valley of the Elves
Aspects Hidden by Mountains and Magic; Outnumbered and Besieged
Faces Elrond (lord), Celebrian, Glorfindel
Cultures Noldor, Sindar
Factions Vigilant, Last of Eregion

Also called Rivendell, Imladris was founded as a refuge for those fleeing the fall of Eregion, ruled from the beginning by Elrond. From its narrow river gorge in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, it is a hidden and well-defended town whose power and influence far outstrip its relatively small population and lands.

Imladris has always existed in the shadow of war as a stronghold of both strength and serenity in the face of evil and destruction – the surrounding hills and hidden paths are watched and kept by keen-eyed scouts and warriors. It is a haven for the remaining Noldor in Eriador, who lend their considerable might and wisdom to its defense.

Though it has relatively easy access to both Eriador to the west and the wild eastern lands of Rhovanion across the mountains, Imladris exploits its advantageous but hidden position for influence and intelligence rather than wealth.


Imladris was founded as a stronghold by the elven army led by Elrond during the War of the Elves and Sauron in the Second Age. The hidden fortress managed to hold out against the overwhelming wrath of Sauron’s armies while much of Eriador fell around it. After the war, it became a seat of elven power in Eriador second only to the Grey Havens in the far west.

In recent decades, Imladris has been under a protracted siege by the forces of Angmar. With aid from Lothlorien across the mountains, the siege was broken, and Angmar’s forces returned north for a time.

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