The Halflings,
Little People

The short-statured Hobbits, also called halflings, are an offshoot of the race of mortal Men that first arose in the Vales of Anduin across the Misty Mountains. Over the course of the last four hundred years or so, they have been gradually migrating westward into Eriador, largely divided into three tribes.

Hobbits are known chiefly for their love of food, parties, and gifts (both giving and receiving!). Physically, they stand around three to four feet tall, with curly brown hair being common among all tribes of hobbits. Though many grow complacent and gain weight from overeating, they are naturally quiet and nimble. Hobbits are given to slightly longer lives than Men, reaching maturity at around 30 and often reaching 100 years of age.


There are several kinds of Hobbits, who live together in communities built around common ways of life.

Harfoots Small-statured, populous hobbits who live in hills and highlands and are fond of farming and gardening.
Fallohides Relative newcomers who are lean and tall (for hobbits) and prefer woodlands where they can hunt.
Stoors Sturdy, marsh-dwelling hobbits with a knack for boating, swimming, and fishing.


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