The Firstborn,
People of the Stars,
The Fair Folk

The eldest race of Arda, the Elves awoke long before the rising of the Sun or Moon, beside a starlit lake called Cuivienen. Innately magical and bound to the world of Arda, Elves are not subject to illness or physical age, and almost universally tall, naturally athletic, and graceful. Elves are frequently greatly skilled and very wise, drawing from centuries or millennia of experience.

Having fought great wars against terrible evils in the First and Second Ages, they are slowly departing Middle-earth across the Great Sea. Though this has diminished their numbers and strength, it has also meant that those who do remain are frequently those with a fierce desire to protect Middle-earth from the evils that plague it.


Due to meddling and harassment by the dark lord Melkor before the First Age, the Elves have been divided into various kindreds.

Kindred Description
Noldor Proud and powerful High Elves who are few in number.
Sindar Grey Elves who have long watched over the lands of Middle-earth.
Nandor Lesser Silvan Elves who delight in nature.


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