Noble Creatures

Index: Noble Creatures

Among the creatures of the world there are those who possess a light all their own, though they dwell apart from the Children of Eru. Most are ancient allies of elves and men and dwarves, working for good and sacrificing in their own ways to stop the spread of shadow. Though not all speak, most have a unique intelligence and nobility, and may be counted among the most stalwart and dependable of allies.

Servants of Shadow

Index: Servants of Shadow

There are those beings that have fallen entirely under the sway of evil – creatures tormented and dominated by dark lords for so long that their very nature has become corrupt. These are those that serve the powers of darkness both knowingly and not.

Wild Beasts

Index: Wild Beasts

There is a certain beauty in nature that is both elegant and simple – in the flowering trees and the animals and the buzzing insects. But make no mistake that the ferocity of nature can be just as dangerous as any orc or fell spirit. For where the creatures of nature lack malice, they are unpredictable and untamed. A bear or wolf may kill for simple hunger where an orc may kill out of spite.


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