Realm of the Edain
Aspects Legacy of Westernesse; Strained by War and Woe
Places Fornost Erain (capital), Bree, Amon Sul, Annuminas (ruin)
Faces Arveleg (king)
Cultures Dunedain, Northmen, Bree-landers, Harfoots, Fallohides
Factions Keepers of Annuminas, Tower Captains, Shire Watch

The most powerful of the three remnant kingdoms of old Arnor, ruled by an unbroken lineage of true heirs of Isildur. Men of many cultures, as well as Hobbits, live within the borders of Arthedain, and the Dunedain thrive among them as nobles and men of learning and stature. They enjoy good relations with the elves, particularly with their western neighbors in the Grey Havens.

Despite being a relatively strong kingdom, Arthedain has been challenged by years of political infighting and skirmishes with the other remnant kingdoms, as well as the rise of the Witch-King in northern Angmar. Its military and economy have been stretched thin.

From the capital city at Fornost Erain, King Arveleg I rules over the lands west of the River Baranduin and north of the Great East Road. Annuminas, the capital of old Arnor, lies within its borders to the west but is little more than an abandoned (albeit vast) ruin.


Arthedain was founded in III 861 by Amlaith, the eldest son of Earendur, during a succession crisis in which Arnor was fractured into three kingdoms ruled by three competing brothers. For almost five hundred years the three kingdoms fought and struggled with each other, each with their own line of kings. During this long period of conflict and civil war, only the Dunedain of Arthedain have held fast to their noble history and remain ruled by the descendants of Isildur and Earendur.

Roughly 100 years ago, a powerful new ruler made his presence felt in the northeastern mountains, known as the Witch-King of Angmar. Making alliances with the fallen nobility of Rhudaur, tribes of Men of Darkness, and with orcs and other foul creatures, Angmar has become a powerful and aggressive foe at Arthedain’s border, pressing their fortifications in the Weather Hills with constant raids and escalating assaults.

Meanwhile, though Cardolan remains nominally independent, it is now ruled by Prince Uralan of Ost Erindyrn, a Dunedain lord of more humble ancestry than the line of Isildur and Earendur. Cardolan has allied itself with Arthedain in the brewing war against Angmar and Rhudaur, stirring hopeful whispers of a reunited Arnor – though the reality is that both kingdoms are still rife with fractured loyalties and political infighting.

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