Iron Home
Aspects Dark Realm of the Witch-King; Frozen Soil and Poisoned Waters
Places Carn Dum
Cultures Angmarim, Orcs
Factions Black Numenoreans, Cult of the Hunter and Rider, Malzayan

A blighted, frozen waste far in the northern mountains, Angmar is the realm of the Witch-king, who rules through fear and sorcerous might. The WItch-king’s court is composed of Men from various peoples, including a contigent of Black Numenoreans as well as the native Angmarim, though he counts numerous Hill-men, Orcs, and fouler creatures among his servants.

The Witch-king has modeled his realm on Melkor’s Angband of long ago, setting himself up as a dark lord to be worshipped. His chief advisors and champions are the called the Hunter and Rider, after legends dating back to before the First Age, and their cult controls most of the power in Angmar’s society.


Angmar is an upstart in the political landscape of Eriador, rising to power only a century ago when the sorcerer known as the Witch-king brought the Angmarim to heel and began to dominate nearby orcs and tribes of Wild-men.

Angmar’s forces have been highly aggressive, laying siege to Imladris for several years and raiding the remnants of Arnor, though Rhudaur has been spared from this harassment after accepting the emissaries of Angmar at its court and allying itself with the rising power.

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