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  • Stoors

    The Stoors were the last hobbits to come over the mountains, and settled farther south than their cousins. They mostly live in the borders of Dunland, particularly in the marshlands called Swanfleet, where they trade with both the Hill-men and the …

  • Hildegard & Rudigar Gamgee

    Hildegard "Hilde" & Rudygard "Rudy" Gamgee are a young brother and sister pair of Stoor Hobbits around ten years of age. They were rescued from the clutches of cannibal Hillmen near Sarn Ford.

  • Honest Odo

    Odo, a stoor hobbit, and his family are nomads. Their decorated wagon roams Cardolan and western Dunland, visiting communities along the way to trade and swap news. Odo is a tinker by trade, buying and selling small items, and repairing shoes (an odd job …