Mirodon Bergilion

Dunedain Merchant-Prince of Cardolan


*Dunedain Merchant-Prince of Cardolan

Virtue of the Old Kings

Love Stayed Her Hand

Patron of the Mirmaedhim

Memory of Ashalon*


In the year T.A. 1381, Bergil, the Uncle of Prince Uralan of Cardolan married Lorwen Nedimaen, herself the daughter of two of the preeminent Merchant Houses (Amrun, Nedimaen) in Tharbad. The marriage was not one of love, but of mutual benefit. Each side hoped that such an alliance would benefit them greatly—the Dunedain would gain the significant backing of the wealth of Tharbad, while the Merchants would gain legitimacy and influence for their business dealings. They eagerly awaited an heir. They did not have to wait long. In T.A. 1382, Mirodon was born, and upon the child they placed the burden of their copious expectations.

As he grew Mirodon proved to be a very clever child who took easily to the tutelage provided to him. He learned of his history, lineage, business, trade, negotiation. His father saw the potential of a strong warrior backed by the funds necessary to make war and defend Cardolan. His mother saw a shrewd merchant and master of business with the lineage and foresight necessary to build vast fortunes. In the mirror, Mirodon saw none of these things. Or rather he did not see them by the same measure. Strength of Arms alone would not sustain Cardolan. Nor would vast Wealth. Wealth was a tool, yes, but it was not an end in-and-of-itself. Coffers of coin had no true worth. The worth of a coin was what one could do with it. If properly wielded, wealth was a powerful tool. As with the sword, Wealth could defend, but it could also bring prosperity.

Not long after coming of age, Mirodon used his connections and resources to build his own holdings and ventures all over the Eriador and beyond. He quickly amassed much influence and power. Bergil was sure his son would soon turn his attention away from the pursuits of business and toward the pursuits of the battlefield. He was sorely disappointed. His mother watched Mirodon’s effort and swelled with pride, certain that her son would soon fulfill the expectations she had for him since his birth and gain a vast fortune. She too was bitterly disappointed as the young man began to waste large portions of his gains intentionally by donating large sums to causes he deemed worthy.

Despite pressures from his family, Mirodon continued to build up his holdings and trade, all the while investing large sums into both Cardolan and Arthedain in an effort to improved the state of both nations. This did not always sit well with either the Court of Prince Uralan nor the Merchant Princes of Tharbad, but Mirodon proved too successful and clever to be marginalized or out maneuvered by either side. He largely pursues his own agenda, in an effort to remain independent of the petty squabbling that paralyzes the ruling castes of Cardolan. Still, he is occasionally pulled into the political realm of Cardolan where he does his best to handle courtly intrigue with the same deftness as his business dealings.

Mirodon has a keen mind and shrewd talent for business, but he isn’t an unscrupulous merchant. Nor is he naïve. He pursues all ventures with courage and wisdom as he strives to use both his wealth and influence to uphold the lofty ideals of his Numenorean ancestors.

Mirodon Bergilion

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