Ilkhor Azrilan

Lord of the Tower-on-the-Fells



  • Black Numenorean Lord of the Tower-on-the-Fells
  • Wickedly Prolonged Life
  • Spares No Second Thought to Slaughter

Ilkhor is a Black Numenorean through Angmarim descent, whose ruthless ambition brought him to rule over the isolated company of archers, scouts, and assassins that operates out of the Tower-on-the-Fells. He follows in the ancient ways of the Black Numenoreans who were once called the King’s Men, who were corrupted by Sauron into worshipping Melkor and seeking to deny death.

He is the Witch-king’s primary representative in Rhudaur, though he likes to think of himself as a partner more than a servant. In any case, Ilkhor views himself as superior to King Sidrin (indeed, all the Rhudaurim), only occasionally deigning to visit the court in Aldafell, preferring to send his own emissaries in his stead.

Servants and Allies

Ilkhor commands several captains as the lord of the Tower-on-the-Fells. Sometimes called the Black Archers, they operate as shock troops and special forces among the Rhudaurim and Angmarim armies.

His half-Rhudaurim daughter, Nimari, is one of his most capable pawns, and she is determined to prove herself in his eyes, though he cares little for her beyond her skill.

He relies heavily on the counsel and support of the Malzayan, a cabal of Black Numenorean sorcerers who strive to prolong life, though rumor holds that they are foul necromancers who deal in blood and suffering. Khezun Half-Heart is the nominal head of this group and one of Ilkhor’s most trusted advisors.

Ilkhor Azrilan

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