Special: Lore plays a significant role in many forms of magic. For more information, see Magic.

Lore represent general knowledge and education, possessed by scholars, shamans, and more than a few mysterious travelers. It encompasses everything from knowledge of history and religion, to poetry and esoteric secrets, to surviving in the wilderness.

Because Lore indicates a general level of education and learning, many people with a decent Lore score have a stunt that aids in rolls relating to their specific field of expertise.

The Lore skill is useful for both Overcoming obstacles that require applying knowledge, such as deciphering ancient texts, knowing the origin of an artifact, or carrying out magical rituals. It is also useful for Creating an Advantage, particularly if you have the time and resources for research.

Example Stunts: Shield of Reason, Scion of Nobility, Chronicler, Archivist, Herbalist, Navigator, Tracker, Green Thumb


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